Free Savanna Six pack

Free Savanna's Promo 2021

In celebrating the opening of liquor stores on Lockdown 1 we are giving away 35 000 packs of Savanna's.

This is the biggest promotion at mzansi, the first 35 000 people to participate on our promo will get free 6 pack of Savanna's

35 000 Savanna's to be claimed between 22/03/2021 and 01/05/2021 . Please Complete Survey To See if you do qualify.

Promotion IS NOW Active

There are 32 756 FREE Savanna's left.

You need to answer the 3 questions below

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1. Do you drink Savanna?

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2. Do you suffer from hangover after drinking?

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How many Savanna's can you drink a night?

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Congratulations you qualify for a 6 pack of Savanna's !!!

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2. When you are finished sharing, We will send you a PROMO CODE.

Tauch the "Share button" bellow 6 Times.

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Zukiswa Mhlongo, Umtata Ngaze ngadakwa guys angisaboni nasemehlweni
Abike Hlomuka, Umlazi Ngisaya kolanda eyami six pack wish me lucky
Chioma Reuben Thank you guys i did get my savanna six pack
Brian Macanzie Is this promo still available?
Brian Macanzie Thank God i was the first person to claim my savana
Mark Lana I shared 5 times to my whatsapp groups an hour later i recived a vouacher to claim
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5000 users will reieve vouchers TODAY.